Tips and Tricks on Emotional Eating

It is almost impossible to think about this holiday season without talking about… food.

That is why we invited today to our “Shine From Within” community, Olena Aleksewich, to share some tips and tricks on Emotional Eating. In this season, we can only ask, does that ring a bell? 🔔

How often do we turn to food for emotional reasons? Stressed, lonely, bored?

– Food can support us or can ruin our plans -> By labeling the food we consume for what it does to us, we gain consciousness of the role it plays in our present but, foremost, our future plans.

– Eating is an experience -> Like any other experience, has the power to transform itself into a rich experience.

So, what can we do?

Here you have some tips and tricks:

💡 Make of the eating experience a mindful experience.
Add gratefulness, take time to enjoy, to experience the full taste.

💡 Do an emotional check-up around food.
When you crave something, check in with yourself, what are you feeling? Do you tend to crave a specific food when you feel lonely? or disappointed? Check how does it make you feel? The food itself may not impact the feeling directly, maybe just the feeling. Is there another way that can provide you the feeling you are looking to have? Maybe talking to or texting someone back home brings the same feeling -and less calories and certainly no guilt-.

💡 What food you love, loves you back?
We know there are foods that make us feel well afterwards, sometimes, becaue we know we are giving our body what it needs.

💡 We are in control of what we eat.
It can be like making the bed in the morning, when we give our body a green smoothy, we have already given it the green it needs. Not everything we eat is necessarily something we love eating, like not everything we do, but like in making the bed, choosing what we eat, does give us the sense of being in control, at least of a dimension of our life. Start with that one.


👣 Take small steps. (foot for thought? food for thought? 😜 )

Start with blessing the food, with drinking water, with reframing the context…

For this holiday season, you may want to consider:

🎄 Sharing your food preferences or limitations in advance, acknowledging that cooking or preparing or serving food is often an “act of service”, a way to show love and care and not necessarily -or only- a nutrion exrcise.

🎄Cooking together, involving others, children included, because that is also part of the point, to spend time together in acts of service, of love.

🎄Plan in advance, choosing to add green to the Christmas table, a salad or some veggies.

🎄 To avoid overeating, bringing a food container to take with you, and appreciate the food, not only on that day, but on the following one.

We put together “Shine from within” a community to support each other as we get ready for the holiday season.

Do you want to know more?

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