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Individual Sessions: Crafting Your Professional Journey

My expertise extends beyond conventional career counseling. I’ve empowered numerous individuals in navigating the complexities of professional life. That is why I offer you a free introductory conversation and a free assessment of your CV or your LinkedIn profile.

I supplement these sessions with specialized tests, for which I hold licenses, to enhance your self-discovery journey.

I also offer a program “How to Land Your Dream Job”, with recorded content and exercises and individual sessions throughout.

Book an introductory session today and let’s start your journey together.

In addition to our mentoring sessions, we offer a unique opportunity to further enhance your personal and professional growth journey. Consider exploring our comprehensive psychometric test, meticulously designed to empower individuals seeking transformative career paths. Tailored for those venturing into alternative job opportunities, as well as individuals yearning to uncover hidden talents and reassess their career trajectories, this test brings clarity to your aptitudes and abilities. Are you a talent with advanced skills among your peers? Our test helps unveil your unique capabilities. Specifically crafted for vocational and occupational guidance, this assessment methodically matches your personality with specific professions. It delves into your aptitudes, interconnecting your professional persona with precise University Departments and Specialties. Elevate your journey with Beandgo by not only embracing mentoring but also harnessing the insights of our psychometric test. Propel your personal and professional exploration to new heights. Discover more by reaching out to us today.

Unlock personalized learning strategies by identifying your brain hemisphere preferences and learning styles, enabling you to absorb knowledge in a way that resonates with you. For educators, the test offers insights into effective teaching methods, while learners gain techniques to engage with and retain information more efficiently. Delve into your learning aptitudes, from Identifying to Acting on information, fine-tuning your study techniques for a more effective and enjoyable learning journey. Whether you’re navigating subjects, exploring new skills, or simply seeking to optimize your learning approach, our psychometric test provides you with the tools to thrive in any learning context. Empower yourself with insights into your unique learning profile and open doors to lifelong success in education and beyond.

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