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What if you could get the job of your dreams?

Everything you need to get the job you want and not die trying

A dream job is “having a meaningful job for which you derive satisfaction, enrichment and fulfilment and that allows you to contribute meaningfully and also to continue expanding your skills and strengths while maintaining a good work-life balance”.

Read it again. When you have a dream job, you know it, you feel it, and everyone around you knows it too.


You find it difficult to get up to go to work


You count the days to the next holiday


You are mentally exhausted every weekend

You look with desperation at the long list of items in your to-do-list

Life is too short to keep wasting your time and your talents doing something that does not fulfill you

You may think there is not such a thing as a dream job, or is just not for you, or not least not now, because you still have to pay bills.

I have been there myself and it is scary either way. It is scary to feel trapped and it is scary to dream of a better job, which actually means a better life. We spend at work at least one third of our time, most of the days in a year… to give up, to just forget about it. It is too important, it matters.

That is why we present you a method with small steps, that even when you are already very busy at your current job and you don’t have time, or you feel demotivated after having tried before, or you have already found a number of reasons to stop pursuing your dreams. 


>How does your dream job look like

>How prepare a cv to land your dream job

>How to set and use LinkedIn to your advantage

>How to expand and use your network to land your dream job and more

>How to feel comfortable at interviews and how to negotiate offers

Caroline and Bego

We share what we have experienced ourselves and through others and what we had liked to have when making a career change.  

Annual targets, performance appraisals, business trips, endless meetings, and now with digital fatigue added on top of it… without achieving what we dream of, tired, frustrated and without a clue on how to get out of that loop. 

The method we propose in this program, has helped us live a much more fulfilling occupational life, and in turn, a happier and more balanced life.

This is what participants say



Looking at your past professional and personal experiences, you extract the essence and the learnings, you identify your core values, gain clarity regarding your purpose, and you learn to set up your boundaries and establishing your personal brand.


Identify your core skills and talents and find them a place in the different sections of your curriculum vitae, focusing on the person receiving your cv and keeping the objective in mind.


Stand out on LinkedIn with a professional profile you can be proud of, learning how to use the different features LinkedIn provides to search for profiles of interest to you, to build your professional brand with every click you make.


Your current personal and professional network but also the one you build gradually will be your allies in landing your dream job. It is not about sending your cv to everyone in your contact list, but rather getting feedback and learning of opportunities to get you closer to landing your dream job.


Learning how to present one self, how to use interviews to gain clarity about a future job opportunity and also to identify the values of the company and the alignment of values to protect you from getting just another job or one that gets you to your professional realization.


we have included a few BONUSES

Who does not like to get some extra bonuses?

Every week, to kick off a new module and to close the previous one, we will be having a live session with you. Caroline and myself will help you extract the main takeaways and get you ready for the next module. This is as a matter of fact, a distinct characteristic of all our programs and the one that participants value the most.

Some frequently asked questions and comments about this program

"I have no clue about how I want to live my life"

You do not have to see the full staircase to take a first step. That first step would not take you to the top, of course not, but it will take you out of where you currently are. In this challenge, Caroline and myself will walk by your side, step by step, to overcome the obstacles as they present themselves so that you end up the challenge with a plan, tailormade for you

 "I don’t know when I will be able to allocate time for this challenge"

As they say “the bad news is that time flies. The good news is, that you are the pilot”. And to make things easier, you will have the material available whenever you choose to take it, so that you can even take it at your own pace, as you keep on with your usual life activities. 

 "I am a resourceful person and I learn fast, may be I can just listen to a few videos on TEDx or on YouTube and download material from a few blogs and that’s it"

True. And it is great to be resourceful and to look for solutions on your own. Honestly, you can totally do it by yourself. However, most people find that this approach is not as easy as it may sound, especially when the storm -or just “life-as-usual”, arrives with its inertia. It is quite possible, and also quite frustrating, to realize that there is a lot of material out there, but often, does not resonate to you, it is one-size-fits-all, and going through much of that on your own will be a waste of your valuable time -and money, since your time is valuable and you choose where to invest it (or how to waste it?).

 "I do not like pressure, I like to take things at my own pace"

In this challenge, each participant follows their own pace. What we do is to hold the rythm, to give the tone. Sometimes, even when we sing alone -not to mention if we have hadphones on-, it is easy to lose the rhythm and tone. “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you always got” -Henry Ford.

 "What you propose looks interesting, but not right now"

Today it is “normal” to juggle with a million things and obligations at the same time, and to try to stretch time to accomplish more and more things, to “succeed”. And, on top of that, adding the commitment to this challenge? Really? This is precisely the vicious circle you want to break to get into a virtuous circle that will get you to grow. If you wait for the perfect moment, it may never arrive. You may just as well take this moment and make it perfect. “The best moment to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best one, is now” -Chinese proverb.

Do you want to learn how to land your dream job?