This is me

¨You are able to be free and go beyond, to be and go¨

I am a strong person.  And as they say, there are not many strong people with an easy past. However, I have been “lucky” to count with the professional knowledge, the financial and emotional resources to be able to overcome them, and I want to put the knowledge, experience and resources at your disposal, so that you are able to be free and go beyond, to be and go


When I was only 13 years old, my older sister did not manage to overcome Leukemia after fighting for half of her life, and left us. Her fight and that of my parents and relatives marked my childhood. I performed poorly at school and I remember studying for the wrong tests, the wrong chapters, and without focus and method. Somehow, unexplainably for many around me, myself included, I managed to make it to university where I studied psychology. 


I loved psychology from day 1, and believe it or not, I graduated with honors. I was offered a fellowship to continue studying, in The Netherlands, in the medical school, doing research in Health services research-epidemiology. I don’t know if I loved being abroad or being in The Netherlands where all I needed to go was my bike, or the research I was conducting, but I applied for another fellowship and I completed my PhD. I fell in love with my first husband and I followed him to Greece, where I had to reinvent myself professionally. 


Working as a clinical psychologist without knowing the Greek language or the culture was not an option and finding a professional career as an epidemiologist, in 1999, in science, looked more like science fiction. 

It was the beginning of my professional career in large corporations, in the health insurance field. I was given opportunities, I was trained and I learned the job, and management and I got to manage small and bigger teams.

A couple of management development programs gave me an incredible network of talented professionals all over the world.

Mother of two, and with Greece at the edge of bankruptcy in 2011, my husband and myself decided to accept the offer and opportunity to join a large multinational company and I took on a Regional role, based in Madrid where we would all relocate. However, after 3 years commuting weekly between Madrid and Athens, my marriage came to a tragic end and unveiled all the holes I was for years trying to close and make up for. 


I experienced lows, despair and loss that even today, I cannot put in words. It took me years to be able to put myself together. I am still battling to protect my own and my children’s legal rights. 

What I did to change my situation

I turn to what I called work-therapy to keep going. And at some point, I decided to take my life off the auto pilot mode and slowly pick up living. I embarked in a new relationship, while I was still in the middle of my own fears and I am happily married today.


I also decided to make a professional change and I started working for a start-up. It did not bring what I thought I wanted, but got me where I am today. 


I am supporting several mental health projects, in the health innovation space, choosing foremost, travel companions.

This is what I am today

Together with Caroline Groothoff we put together tools and support for people to be free and go beyond.

We have seen too many people suffer at work, questioning their worth, wondering about their purpose, fighting to protect their lives from overwork and burnout… that we could not really do nothing about it, so we created a program using our experience and knowledge and providing the much needed support along the way.

You can find the details in this webpage. If you are looking for something we do not have yet, let us know. 

I also took on the adventure to write books. One day, well one night, the first story unfolded itself. A simple story for everyone to understand and for many to relate.
I took a course and learned what it takes to publish it and it became a best-seller. I am working on the second and the third one in parallel while I keep on learning.

I be and go. 

How can I help you?


¨Like a fish in water¨. A story for the young ones to fall asleep and for the grown-ups to wake up


Online challenge – A formula to get every single day to count



Online course – The technical knowledge and the support you need

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We will work together in a totally personalized way