A little orange dot: a proposal to reduce tolerance to violence, step by step, dot by dot

Coffee is bitter. You realize of its bitterness, specially, the first time you drink it. Then, you get used to it, or we drink it with milk or with sugar, or with both milk and sugar. The same holds true for violence. It is bitter, and we realize of its bitterness, specially, the fist time.


Violence builds up. Like this brick tower in San Marcos square in Venice, Italy. Like any other brick construction. It builds up brick after brick. If there are no bricks, there is no tower. The more the bricks, the taller the tower. If we take one brick of the base of a small tower at the beginning of its construction, it may fall. It’s not the case once it has been built up with a large number of bricks. But any tower starts, with just one brick.